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Established in 1931, with a workforce of 10,000 employees, ATM - Azienda Trasporti Milanesi manages the Operations & Maintenance of urban and suburban public transport in Milan and 95 municipalities in Lombardy, the bike sharing service, the car parks and on-street parking. ATM is also in charge of the management of the payment systems and access control for the Milan congestion charge area, Area C, and the LEZ area, Area B. 

The Milan transport network is composed of four metro lines – one of which fully automated - covering nearly 100 km, 19 tram lines covering 180 km, 160 bus lines covering over 1,600 km and 4 trolley-bus circular routes. Over 2.5 million people travel every day on the ATM metro and surface network, totalling nearly 800 million passengers per year (pre-Covid data).

ATM also manages, through Metro Service A/S, the four driverless metro lines in Copenhagen and was recently awarded the contract for the Operations and Maintenance of the new Light-Rail line in the Danish capital.

Sustainability and technological innovation are the major company drivers. Among the projects, the ambitious “Full Electric Plan” providing for the transformation of the entire bus fleet – 1,200 vehicles - into full electric by 2030. The company develops cutting edge innovative solutions to improve customer journey, such as contactless payment in the metro network and its Mobility as a Service platform, the official ATM APP, that integrates the smart ticketing system and information to passengers on public transport, car and bike sharing, trains and airports. Improved digital tools enable passengers to forecast occupancy level in the metro stations so as to plan trips in advance.

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