More courage to share: Turning the crisis into an opportunity

Thursday, May 20, 2021 1:30 PM to 2:10 PM · 40 min. (Africa/Abidjan)
Shared Mobility


Covid-19 has social, economic and political consequences that will extend well beyond the period of the pandemic. All these global changes entail risks, but also great opportunities. The crisis has not only highlighted the decisive advantages of digital business models linked to the sharing economy, but also revealed real chances to drive the change towards more sustainability.
What does this development mean for the future of urban mobility? What opportunities are presented by the restrictions and their consequences? What chances lie in the demand for flexible, individual and safe means of transport and the forced digital transformation? There are several indications that now is the perfect time to shape the future of urban mobility in a more sustainable and consistent manner.  

20th May
Industry Talks Program

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